Academic Journals

Below is a sampling of academic journals publishing peer-reviewed, full-text articles on postcolonial studies. All of the links below will provide free and open online access to current and archived issues. I encourage readers to also explore DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), to locate other journals of interest.


Wagadu: a Journal of Transnational Women’s & Gender Studies publishes articles relevant to the disciplines of women’s studies, feminism, and postcolonial theory.


Humanities Diliman promotes international scholarship on the arts and humanities with a focus on the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Journal of Post-Colonial Cultures and Societies provides an interdisciplinary forum for the academic discussion and creative representation of postcolonial cultures and societies, including the diasporic communities of Europe and North America.

The Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies publishes papers related to Britain and other European countries and their former colonies, the now decolonized, independent nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, and also Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

New West India Guide is the world’s oldest scholarly journal on the Caribbean. It publishes articles on anthropology, art, archaeology, economics, geography, geology, history, international relations, linguistics, literature, music, political science and sociology. An extensive reviews section on Caribbean books is included.


Alternative Francophone explores the notion of francophonie, and the diversity of cultural identities produced in the French-speaking world. Predominantly in French with some English translation.

Anglistica AION: An Interdisciplinary Journal provides a space for intellectual dialogue within and beyond the field of English studies, literatures and linguistics, engaging with postcolonial, North American, cultural and gender studies, as well as issues of race, migrancy and diaspora.

Confluenze aims to advance Ibero-America understanding through the publication of papers from the Caribbean, lusophone Africa, North America, Europe, and other Ibero-American regions (former colonies of Spain and Portugal in the Americas).

Postcolonial Text presents a global forum for the critical discussion of postcolonial literature, culture, history, and theory, as well as poetry and fiction. The focus is on investigating the relationships between postcolonial, indigenous, and global discourses of cultural knowledge production.

Transnational Literature maintains a focus on new English literatures, particularly those of India, Africa, the  Caribbean, Canada and Australia, and all parts of the world where  literature in English has been written.


Critical Race and Whiteness Studies challenges racial privilege and the construction of race, in relation to the rights of Indigenous sovereignties in Australia and all over the world.

darkmatter Journal articulates critical thinking about race in the twenty-first century, in a world where ideas about race continue to structure and shape our realities.